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living wages & fair working conditions.

We can empower working families by raising the minimum wage, establishing a fair work week, requiring sick and family leave for all workers, and supporting our local unions.


a dignified life for everyone.

We must promote policies that make housing more affordable, ensure tenants are not prayed upon by slumlords, revitalize existing public housing, and end the West Bloomington food desert once and for all.

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a fair economy. 

We must build an economy that serves all of us, and not just the wealthiest among us, by discontinuing giveaways to large businesses and corporations at the expense of local residents.


a vibrant downtown.

We must make the heart of our city a more attractive place to live, work, and play through big and small investments to clean, beautify, and revitalize downtown.

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everybody in, nobody out.

We must fight back against inequity by making up for historic disinvestment on the Westside, adapting our city to be accessible to everyone, advancing justice for women and LGBTQ+ folks, and protecting immigrants and communities of color.

Participatory Platform

I am passionate about many ideas that can improve the lives of Ward 6 residents and Bloomington residents at-large. Whether it's supporting community-driven justice initiatives or ensuring prosperity for business owners and working people alike, I am excited to lead our community toward progress

But if my nearly 10 years of community organizing experience in Bloomington-Normal have taught me anything, it is that people are experts in their own lives. I know that you don't need politicians coming to your door to convince you of what you need! Instead, you want representation from a humble community leader who will get to know you, listen to you, have your back and take action with you. 

So, before I release any platform, I want to kick off this campaign exactly as I will govern: by listening to YOU! Schedule a one-on-one with me, attend a listening session in your neighborhood, or take the short survey below to let me know what YOU care about. 

Let's make this OUR platform. And then let's work to make it real.


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Everything about this campaign depends on you. Invest what you can, and help us bring proven progressive leadership to the Bloomington City Council! No amount is too small.